Please do not screen save.

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when you purchase them.

If you would like to purchase downloads, email me with the game, game date and file number. I will email you an invoice through PayPal. When paid, I will email you the files. Downloads are $3.00 each and large enough to print an 11x14" print. Custom prints are available on either a matt or glossy professional grade paper. Prices are 4x6 = $3.00 each. 5x7 = $5.00 each. 8x10 = $8.00 each. 11x14 = $12.00 each. Please allow 3 working days after payment is made for custom printsPlease see the Sticky Photo's page for pricing.

Check out the Sticky Photo's page for a different way to decorate your wall's

Payments are made using PayPal.  You can also use your credit card through PayPal at no extra cost.

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